Jonathan Rhodes

Have you tried integrating UltiPro to an external system with web services?  Let us show you how.

- Jonathan Rhodes
Amanda Edmisten

I love BI! Let me help you get the most out of UltiPro by harnessing the power of Business Intelligence reports and dashboards!

- Amanda Edmisten
Vicki Hill

For 20 years, I have had the pleasure to work with UltiPro as a customer, as an Ultimate Software employee, and now leading a team of UltiPro experts.  Let us bring our expertise and experience to help you maximize your investment in UltiPro.

- Vicki Hill, CPP
Founder & CEO
Cheri Wadlington

Did you know we have BI report packages for CFOs, VP HR, Benefits Managers, and Payroll Managers? Let us bring best practices from years of experience to your organization.

- Cheri Wadlington
Denise Maddox

The Mosaic professional services team has a passion for helping Clients succeed with their UltiPro initiatives. Put your confidence in us and let us make a positive difference for you. Whether you have tactical or strategic needs, we will exceed your expectations.

- Denise Maddox
Director of Consulting Services
Alex Faulk

Have you thought about going paperless for your Recruiting and Onboarding process? What about a paperless Open Enrollment? Less paper and an increase in efficiency and dynamic reporting capability. I can help you make that a reality with UltiPro’s Talent and Benefits Modules!

- Alex Faulk
Towanna Nevills

Two heads are better than one, allow me to assist you. As a team, we will get it done!

- Towanna Nevills
Project Manager
Tricia Castle

I absolutely love working at Mosaic, the culture and environment inspire confidence daily.   I love making a difference for my clients with UltiPro.

- Tricia Castle
Payroll Account Specialist
Kim Wilson

I love helping Clients transform paper processes into UltiPro electronic solutions!

- Kim Wilson
Michael Barron

The best part of my job is helping our Clients grow. Showing them how to best utilize their UltiPro investment and making it work for them!

- Michael Barron
Client Engagement Manager

UltiPro support and service, it’s all we do.

- Mosaic Consulting Group
Matt Hill

Helping clients utilize UltiPro to manage their largest expense and biggest asset, their people.

- Matt Hill
VP, Operational Noise Reduction
Aimee Morgan

I love my job,  I do a little of everything – reports, security, setup, even helping clients redefine how they do HR and Payroll.

- Aimee Morgan
Sarah Bolen

Most people are not concerned about payroll until mistakes happen.  Let us help you eliminate payroll concerns.

- Sarah Bolen
Nalani Cobb

Our customers are at the heart of our organization. We believe there’s only ONE WAY to get things done. The right way.

- Nalani York
Client Engagement Manager
Andrew Stewart

Let’s use UltiPro to improve your employees’ work lives together.

- Andrew Stewart
Antoinette Hines

The balance is working at Mosaic, work hard > have fun > make a difference!

- Antoinette Hines
Mike Webb

The best part of my job is serving our Mosaic Team to help us achieve our goals.

- Mike Webb

Launching and optimizing UltiPro can be like solving a puzzle. You may have all the pieces yet not know how to make them fit together. Mosaic Consulting Group can help.

UltiPro Outsourced Services

Let us take the hassle of payroll and HR functions off your plate so you can focus your efforts on your core business functions. We will bring our redundancies and best practices to work for you.

UltiPro Consulting Services

Our consulting services teams have implemented and supported hundreds of UltiPro clients. Let us bring our experience and best-practices to optimize UltiPro for you.

Premier Support for UltiPro

With Premier Support for UltiPro, access to a team of experts is at your fingertips. Our mission is to help you maximize your investment in UltiPro. Whether you need a BI report written, help with a timeclock import, or help setting up next year's benefit plans, our experts are here for you.


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