Sarah Swafford

I love that my job is to make my Clients’ lives easier and less stressful.

- Sarah Swafford
David Ayers

As the Premier Support Engagement Manager, I have the privilege of leading the hardest working, most dedicated, and proactive bunch of consultants whose clients are constantly and enthusiastically raving over their talents and support. What a truly amazing team!

- David Ayers
Engagement Manager
Andy Ferguson

Through teamwork and always doing the right thing, the Mosaic team owns the job and WOW’s the Client!

- Andy Ferguson
Operations Manager
Nick Hynes

Working here or being a client of Mosaic, you get to experience the benefits of a team that truly understands the motto – ‘One is not as great as all’

- Nick Hynes, CPA
Staff Accountant
Tricia Castle

I absolutely love working at Mosaic, the culture and environment inspire confidence daily.   I love making a difference for my clients with UltiPro.

- Tricia Castle
Payroll Account Specialist
Amanda Edmisten

I love BI! Let me help you get the most out of UltiPro by harnessing the power of Business Intelligence reports and dashboards!

- Amanda Edmisten
Nita Fouss

At Mosaic, we WOW our clients by going above and beyond because it is the right thing to do.

- Nita Fouss
Nadine Bouchard

I love being at Mosaic because I get to inspire confidence and teach my clients about UlitPro as my co-workers teach and inspire me! Also, I get to bring my dog to work!

- Nadine Bouchard
Payroll Account Specialist
Lisa Mathis

At Mosaic we thrive on the diversity of industries we get to work with. Healthcare, Manufacturing, Investment firms, Retail and much more

- Lisa Mathis
Payroll Services Director

UltiPro support and service, it’s all we do.

- Mosaic Consulting Group
Megan Johnson

I love my job. What’s not to love? I am fortunate enough to work with an amazing group of people.

- Megan Johnson
Payroll Account Specialist
Kim Wilson

I love helping Clients transform paper processes into UltiPro electronic solutions!

- Kim Wilson
Ceci Spehar

The best part of my job is the people I work with, we are all one big team! I know everyone at Mosaic is focused on our Client’s Success and we all work together to make sure we provide the best Client Experience out there.

- Ceci Spehar
Marketing Communications Manager
Ryan Zupancic

Mosaic delivers confidence to your organization with UltiPro: your employees have confidence their paychecks are correct, every time; your leaders have correct, current information to make confident decisions; and you have confidence you have a strong team to lean on for all things UltiPro.

- Ryan Zupanic, SPHR, MBA
Jack Hufnagle

Divestiture, Merger, Acquisition? If you need to move a lot of people into or out of UltiPro, I am your man.

- Jack Hufnagle
Brandon Meek

Never before have I worked with a company so dedicated to client satisfaction. Mosaic sets the bar extremely high and delivers on a consistent basis.

- Brandon Meek
Project Manager
Diana Mirr

We are the UltiPro experts!!

- Diana Mir
Aimee Morgan

I love my job,  I do a little of everything – reports, security, setup, even helping clients redefine how they do HR and Payroll.

- Aimee Morgan

Launching and optimizing UltiPro can be like solving a puzzle. You may have all the pieces yet not know how to make them fit together. Mosaic Consulting Group can help.

UltiPro Outsourced Services

Let us take the hassle of payroll and HR functions off your plate so you can focus your efforts on your core business functions. We will bring our redundancies and best practices to work for you.

UltiPro Consulting Services

Our consulting services teams have implemented and supported hundreds of UltiPro clients. Let us bring our experience and best-practices to optimize UltiPro for you.

Premier Support for UltiPro

With Premier Support for UltiPro, access to a team of experts is at your fingertips. Our mission is to help you maximize your investment in UltiPro. Whether you need a BI report written, help with a timeclock import, or help setting up next year's benefit plans, our experts are here for you.


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