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UKG Pro Launch - Your Implementation Partner

Mosaic has been a Legacy UltiPro Implementation Partner for years and is now a trusted UKG Partner who can walk you through each step of the implementation process, beginning to end, and provide ongoing training and support post-implementation, if needed.

As an official UKG partner, we can help wherever UKG leaves off: They can do your implementation and we can provide client-side training, or, we can perform your implementation and offer client-side support, as well. We do recommend that clients take full advantage of the UKG platform rather than performing a "lift and shift" and simply moving old processes over onto a new platform. There are usually limitations in the current system that led you to seek out a different solution. It's best to take full advantage of the features and functionality of your new UKG system, and we are here to make sure you are.

We'll make sure all the boxes are checked and you're positioned for success.

Mosaic Consulting Group is an Ultimate Software Implementation Partner



The advantages of working with Mosaic:

  • An experienced partner: we've done hundreds of implementations and can help much as needed. We can supplement your team and guide you through your implementation.
  • A thorough analysis of your needs/opportunities: we can help you probe and answer questions and understand the downstream effect of the options you are considering.
  • Communications and training plans: as part of our change management offering we provide communications strategy and messaging and training plans to make post-implementation successful. Our training plans consider all people affected by the implementation – which is every person in your organization.

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