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Aimeè Morgan

  • Aimeè Morgan

    Aimeè Morgan

    Premier Support Consultant

    Our Premier Support Consultant and Year End Expert Aimée had the dubious pleasure of starting her payroll career just in time to handle Year End for a chain of fast food restaurants back in the days of dial up internet and dot matrix printers. But she persevered, and now with two decades of experience under her belt, she can warn you of the perils, pitfalls, and opportunities each Year End brings.

  • The Many Moving Parts of a Successful Year End Friday, Nov 16
    What is Year End? Well, it means different things to different people and parts of your organization. If you’re in Human Resources, Year End means getting ready for a new benefit year wit...
  • Prior Year Adjustments and W-2Cs Friday, Feb 2
    What is a W-2C? The short answer: A W-2C is a  corrected  version of the W-2 form. As simple as that! (not really…) Most employees will never see a W-2C, but they are needed ...

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