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Mosaic Consulting Group Consultants Discussing BI Reporting

BI Reporting

BI Reporting: Do You Have What You Need?

UKG Pro not only impacts every employee in a company through payroll, tax reporting, PTO requests/approvals, and performance management but also is a decision support system, providing business leaders information and controls to more effectively operate their business.

UKG Pro is equipped with a Business Intelligence tool (known as People Analytics or Cognos Analytics). When standard reports don't deliver, Business Intelligence can, with operational insights that are valuable for decision-making. Although UKG Pro BI is a very powerful enterprise piece of software that can be intimidating, Mosaic can help you to successfully leverage the information you need to convey insights across your company.

Business intelligence puts powerful data into your hands that helps you collect, integrate, analyze, and share information that helps to run your business better:

  • Better accuracy in reporting
  • Reducing costs and increasing productivity
  • Discovering new efficiencies
  • Managing regulatory compliance
  • Detecting/preventing fraud & abuse
  • Detecting inaccuracies that can help save you money

BI reporting can help you drill down to minute detail and extract the necessary data, and translate it into consumable information for informed decision-making, as well as sharing information more effectively and efficiently.

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Note: UKG Pro was formerly known as "UltiPro".

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