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Category: Amanda Edmisten

Adapting Your Open Enrollment to Today's Workforce

Adapting Your Open Enrollment to Today's Workforce
So much has changed in the year 2020 that even yearly business processes, like Open Enrollment, have to adapt to meet our team’s needs. With employees working remotely one of the biggest, and often overlooked, changes that companies need to consider is updating (or sometimes creating) their internal communication strategy to fit their workforce. Open Enrollment highlights a challenge that many companies are faced with today, how do you effectively communicate with an entire team who no ... Read More
Posted by Ceci Spehar at Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Open Enrollment: Simplified

Open Enrollment: Simplified
UltiPro offers you a variety of tools to help make open enrollment easier for your HR and payroll team. Whether you have an employee population of 30 or 30,000, the basic tenets of open enrollment are the same: develop a good attack plan and start early! Essential steps of your strategic plan for Open Enrollment include: Having the right people to have on your team (and when to involve them) Advance planning and scheduling Tools from Ultimate and how to use them A comprehensive OE check... Read More
Posted by Amanda Edmisten at Thursday, August 29, 2019

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