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Understanding & Managing the Labor Shortage with UKG Dimensions

Labor Shortage: Although the 2021 labor shortage is affecting multiple industries and sectors, it is vital to take a closer look at your own company data to find out its impact on your team. As a reaction to the labor shortage, many companies are jumping into panic mode attempting to solve their staffing issues by offering over-the-top incentives for candidates without really analyzing their predicament. In order to manage and reduce the labor shortage’s impact on your... Read More
Posted by John West at Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Think like a Developer: Understanding HR Dashboards

Human Resources Dashboards  In their simplest form, dashboards are clear, convenient displays of data that allow for reporting on key metrics. This post will discuss the ways in which UKG Pro users can use dashboards to uncover important people-related metrics and make more informed human resources decisions. We will review the steps you need to follow to ensure your dashboards are valuable tools that... Read More
Posted by Michelle Calara at Thursday, February 11, 2021

Automated Integrations with UKG Pro: Everything in One Place

Value of Automation Regardless of your industry, automation can help you grow, innovate and succeed. It is a great tool and asset that is constantly improving the way we do business. If you have any process or procedure that can be automated, it is very important that you consider it. Gained time and resources are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of automation. This blog will specifically focus on automation when it comes to UKG Pro HCM and how integrating... Read More
Posted by Michael Pearson at Thursday, March 26, 2020

System Optimization: Telltale Signs Your UKG Pro System Isn’t Optimized

UKG Pro puts the power of your organization’s people data at your fingertips. The UKG Pro HCM platform offers you robust capabilities for digging deep into your data to learn more about your business, including trends, gaps, weak points, and opportunities to grow or simply streamline your operations. UKG Pro can transfer data seamlessly among different platforms, increasing fluency and accuracy in your HRIS data, automate manual processes, and create business intelligence reports... Read More
Posted by Jared Leffler at Thursday, May 23, 2019

UKG Pro Integrations: Files, Data and API’s, Oh My!

Employee-related expenses (salaries, benefits, taxes, etc.) comprise up to 70% of a company’s total operating expenses – which makes leveraging HR technology to make informed business decisions imperative. HR, Finance, and Operations leaders’ ability to use data effectively to move the business forward depends on having a reliable central source for company data, and the ability to seamlessly update and ensure data integrity, in concert, across many different technology... Read More
Posted by Matt Hill at Thursday, March 28, 2019

Cognos Analytics: A Brave New World

The UKG Pro BI upgrade to Cognos Analytics is the most significant update to the platform in over a decade. The new environment looks and feels different to users, but once acclimated, you’ll find the system is more intuitive to use and provides some fantastic new capabilities that will allow you to manage data and create reports more effectively than before. Continue reading for a view of what is the same, what is gone and what is new with Cognos Analytics. At the bottom of this article... Read More

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