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Integrations & UKG Pro Open Enrollment

Integrations & UKG Pro Open Enrollment

As the summer winds down, HR professionals begin to prepare for the busy season that comes next, open enrollment. In previous years, Mosaic's UKG experts have written multiple articles on open enrollment. If you would like to learn more about presenting open enrollment options to a remote team you could read our article Adapting Your Open Enrollment to Today's Workforce, if you are interested in using UKG Pro to streamline your processes then Open Enrollment Simplified may be a good article to start with. Finally, the article What is Off-Cycle Open Enrollment? could help you see if an off-cycle open enrollment is right for you and your team.

This year, open enrollment presents exciting new opportunities. As companies continue to recover from the pandemic, more and more organizations are offering new benefits to attract and retain top talent. This is an exciting time for teams to enjoy new and unique benefits, but as HR professionals we know it's not as simple as that. This article will focus on integrations related to open enrollment and the open enrollment process. As benefits are added or changed, it’s important to consider what integrations will need to be added or amended to ensure the correct information is getting through to your vendors.  


  • As a UKG Pro user you are probably familiar with the use of integrations and their importance when connecting your UKG Pro system to your benefit vendor's system. During your open enrollment process, you should stop and consider your integrations; will you need any new ones, or will your existing integrations need any amending? Below are a few signs that you may need new integrations or integration assistance:
    • A change of benefit provider:

      • If you are changing your benefits from provider A to provider B you will need a new integration to ensure your new benefit provider has the information they need and in the format they require.
    • Adding new benefits or new benefit plans

      • Many companies are expanding their benefits offering this year. If your team will have new options with the same vendor, you will need to review and amend your existing integrations. This is also true if you are adding a new PPO plan or different levels of coverage.
    • Adding ancillary or other benefits

      • Ancillary benefits like voluntary insurance and pet insurance are growing in popularity. These new offerings will require integrations.

    • Deduction code changes

      • When changing to a new provider you may need to setup new benefit codes or benefit options. A new plan year also serves as an opportunity to audit and consolidate your benefit codes. Optimizing existing codes will lead to an updated integration.

    • Provider layout changes

      • This is a less common occurrence, but a provider could update their layout (for compliance or other reasons) and your integration file may need to be updated to reflect those changes.

    • Open enrollment version of your interface.

      • Depending on your provider, they may request an open enrollment file that is separate from your ongoing file feed. That interface would report on what has been elected for the new plan year and give providers time to send out insurance cards or mailings. Typically, the interface name should reference "open enrollment" in some way within the description. If you don't see that, you may need to set up a new interface.
        Note: It's possible that with an open enrollment interface, your provider will need for you to pause the delivery of your regular ongoing file, until the start of the new plan year.


Reports are a good way to review and audit your data. You have the option of using Standard Reports that can be found within UKG Pro Open Enrollment, as well as provided reports within UKG Pro People Analytics, formerly known as UltiPro BI (see lists below). Mosaic can also provide custom reports which can be tailored to your specific requirements. One popular custom report with our clients is a Comparison Report that compares the current employee elections to what's been elected within UKG Pro.  

Provided reports:

  • Standard Reports:

    • COBRA Dropped Dependents
    • Dependents Beyond Qualifying Age
    • Employee Enrollment Status
    • Employees with Benefit Group Changes
    • Employees with Pending Evidence of Insurability
    • Sent Email Notifications
    • Summary of Elections
  • UKG Pro People Analytics (formerly known as UltiPro BI):

    • Audit Service - Contact Added During OE
    • Beneficiary Audit
    • Beneficiary Audit - Current Designations
    • COBRA Dropped Dependents
    • Contact Audit
    • Deduction/Benefit Groups Setup
    • Dependents Added During Open Enrollment
    • Dependents Missing Social Security Number or Date of Birth
    • Employee Linked Plan Comparison for Open Enrollment
    • Employees By Deduction/Benefit Group for OE Audit
    • Flat Amount Calculation Rules Report By Deduction Type
    • Linked Plans Deduction Setup Report
    • Open Enrollment Analysis
    • Open Enrollment Not Complete
    • Open Enrollment Waived Elections
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