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Case Study: Divestiture Implementation

Divestiture: A UKG Launch Without a Client


UKG activations are complex projects with many moving parts – and it’s important to get each piece right, to position your HR team for long-term success. Sometimes our clients have unique needs and special circumstances to factor in, and that’s when Mosaic is at our best. We can work with companies to offer out-of-the box solutions, working hand in hand to design and implement systems that support the way our clients like to do business. One of our more unique projects: designing the HRIS structure for a company that didn’t yet exist, in partnership with a private equity firm, on an aggressive timeline mandated by contractual guidelines of a divestiture. This activation was also unique because it went straight from activation to HR Managed Services, with Mosaic running payroll for the client.

Our Client

An HR consulting firm hired by a private equity firm that was handling the divestiture and creation of a new company, in partnership with a multinational manufacturing company.

Our Support & Solutions

Mosaic partnered with the HR consulting firm to build, develop and deploy UKG ProCore HR/Payroll and Time Management (UTM), designing the HRIS system in advance of the company formation. This particular project required great flexibility, creative solutions and deviating from the normal activation process to design a system without input from the end user, and to complete the activation within the timeline mandated by the contractual guidelines of the divestiture.


Mosaic developed innovative, unconventional solutions for this client with highly unique needs, help-desk style training for a small, new HR team, and positioned the company to succeed with its UKG system.

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