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Contingency Payroll

Contingency Payroll Services: Prepare for the Unexpected

You can't always plan for the unexpected. But we will.

Who will make sure your employees are paid in the event of an unexpected staff shortage, technology fail or a natural disaster? Mosaic has your back.

Mosaic can provide contingent payroll services for both back-up and disaster recovery support. We help clients who've experienced staff turnover and loss of institutional knowledge, employees on maternity leave, flood, fire and anything else that impacts your payroll – making sure that your people are paid on time.

We offer cloud-based payroll processing, and more importantly, security and peace of mind. We work with clients of all sizes and in all locations to process your payroll remotely from our Nashville office so that you always have a back-up when you need it.

We can shadow your payroll team to learn your payroll processes so that we can step in, when needed, to ensure regular payroll processing as well as restore your processes.

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