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Mosaic offer pre-built dashboards to give you immediate access to important data that can help you and your organization make informed decisions. These Dashboards can be set up to run as often as necessary, giving you an in depth view of current data within your syste. Below is a list of the pre-built Dashboards the Mosaic team can implement within in your system. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for contact us today to discuss possible solutions:

  • UltiPro Summary Report:  A report that allows immediate insight in to different metrics of your organization including Human Resources, workflow and integrations, earning metrics, security metrics, benefits metrics and diversity metrics 
  • UltiPro Headcount Dashboard: Get the big picture of company demographics with this multi-tabbed dynamic report for analyzing headcount. This report includes metrics regarding new hires, terminations, length of service, age diversity, headcount trends and many more
  • UltiPro Payroll Dashboard: True oversight of your company’s payrolls including: payroll process step status, payroll activity with detail drill Down, PTO summary, company spend, annual pay date calendar
  • UltiPro Compensation Dashboard: A robust view in to the compensation metrics of your company including annual workforce earnings by different groups, actual earnings by company, and salary comparisons by job and years of service.
  • UltiPro Demographics Dashboard: A Dashboard that delivers unique workforce breakdowns filtered globally by organization and employee type. Includes metrics such as percentage of workforce by age, years of service, gender and custom workforce groups.UltiPro Termination by reason
  • UltiPro Recruiting Dashboard: A consolidated view of company-wide recruitment activity filtered by year and jobs. This dashboard includes information on gender, source, ethnicity, turnover, days to hire and many more metrics around your recruiting process.
  • UltiPro Performance Dashboard: This dashboard offers metrics drawn from employee reviews and assessments. It includes information on review types, current and prior year comparison, rating counts by organization, etc.

Click here to download examples of some of these pre-built dashboards with information you can use to decide which one would be more beneficial for your company. Don't forget to contact us today if you have any questions.

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