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Integrations: Seamless Data Movement

Your HR and core payroll data should be your single point of truth for your organization. This data touches a lot of systems and vendors, and making it seamlessly available across many different platforms makes your life easier. We know that not all companies use exclusively UltiPro and your data may live in different technology platforms and must be accessible across all. We make it easier for these systems to play together and make sure that key data about your people is uniform, reliable, and easy to access.

Effective data integration – combining data that lives in different sources and providing you a unified view – helps you to better use and share information, reduces manual keying of information, and makes reliable information available to help you make informed business decisions.

Mosaic offers options to make sure your data is in the right place including: 

- Integrations
- Interface (API) 
- Integrations as a service

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