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Optimization Overview

Optimization - Get the Most out of your UltiPro Investment

Leveraging UltiPro to manage your people data is a significant investment – but so are the returns. People expenses – recruiting, hiring, turnover, salaries and benefits – are your organization's largest expenditure, up to 70% of a company's overall operating costs.

When you've pulled all the right levers, UltiPro can really deliver results: data that helps you to hire the right people, reduce turnover, manage payroll and benefits seamlessly, streamline and automate manual processes, and deliver business intelligence about your workforce that helps you make good decisions.

Mosaic's goal is to get your system optimized so that you can access that data and make sense of it. Our optimization offerings will make sure you are getting the most out of your UltiPro investment and UltiPro is working for you.

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