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Our Team

  • Vicki Hill

    Vicki Hill

    President and CEO

    Vicki is the founder and CEO of Mosaic Consulting Group, LLC. Vicki has more than 25 years of experience in payroll/human capital management (HCM) technology. More than two decades of that exper...
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  • Matt Hill

    Matt Hill

    Chief Strategy Officer

    As CSO, Matt develops and drives Mosaic’s business strategy, identifies and deploys new product and service offerings, and aligns the right resources, tools and team members to support com...
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  • Dave Burkitt

    Dave Burkitt

    Vice President

    Dave has over 20 years of leadership in roles that combine strategic planning, operations, client relations, strategic alliances and sales with leading HCM technology and service organizations. ...
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  • Cherie Barnier

    Cherie Barnier

    Director of Client Engagement

    Cherie leads our Client Engagement and Account Management teams and is responsible for all aspects of the Mosaic client experience. In this role, she oversees Mosaic's relationships with curren...
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  • Krystyn Sadler

    Krystyn Sadler

    Director of People and Culture

    Krystyn leads our People & Culture team, which is responsible for all aspects of our Mosaic team experience: culture; employee engagement; benefits and compensation; employee relations; tale...
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  • Lisa Mathis

    Lisa Mathis

    Director Managed Services

    As our Director of Managed Services, Lisa is responsible for ensuring that the services delivered to our clients are of the highest quality, within budget, and support the needs and expectations...
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  • Phillip Murphy

    Phillip Murphy

    Director of Consulting Services

    Phillip has nearly 25 years of experience in operations, application development, business analysis, project management and professional services. During his career, he has led professional serv...
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  • Angela Sottek

    Angela Sottek

    Technical Services Delivery Manager

    Angela Sottek is the Practice Manager for Mosaic’s Technical and Specialty Consulting teams. She has more than 25 years of experience in information technology, program and project managem...
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  • Eric Russell

    Eric Russell

    Service Delivery Manager

    As Service Delivery Manager, Eric Russell ensures that our team is properly aligned with client needs and business outcomes and that they have the tools, resources and support to deliver an exce...
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  • Megan Johnson

    Megan Johnson

    Payroll Account Manager

    Megan Johnson is the Payroll Manager for Mosaic's Managed Payroll Services department. In this role, she manages and supports our team of Payroll Account Specialists and clients. Megan and h...
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  • Nalani York

    Nalani York

    Center of Excellence Manager

    Nalani York oversees our Center of Excellence, as well as all aspects of recruiting, hiring and developing the Professional Services team.  She manages learning and development, team utiliz...
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  • Preeti Smith

    Preeti Smith

    PMO Manager

    Preeti Smith oversees Mosaic’s network of project managers and ensures that they have the resources and support they need to effectively serve our clients. Preeti has more than a decade of...
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  • Todd Fouss

    Todd Fouss

    Service Delivery Manager

    Todd Fouss is Mosaic's Service Delivery Manager. In this role, he manages our Functional Consulting Team. Todd came to Mosaic following 23 years as a software developer and engineer in ...
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  • Aimée Morgan

    Aimée Morgan

    Premier Support Consultant

    "My job is a little bit of everything from reports to helping clients redefine how they do HR and Payroll."
  • Alex Christman

    Alex Christman

    Associate Technical Consultant

    “Working with a team of experts at Mosaic brings a smile to my face. Bringing the Mosaic team of experts to a client to solve difficult problems is what truly makes me happy!”
  • Alex Faulk

    Alex Faulk

    Senior Functional Consultant

    "I love helping Clients transform paper processes into UltiPro electronic solutions!"
  • Amanda Edmisten

    Amanda Edmisten

    Lead Premier Support Consultant

    “I love BI!! Let me help you get the most out of UltiPro."
  • Andrew Stewart

    Andrew Stewart

    Solutions Architect

    "Let's use UltiPro to improve your employees' work lives together."
  • Andy Ferguson

    Andy Ferguson

    Manager of Operations

    "Through teamwork and always doing the right thing, the Mosaic team owns the job and WOWs the Client!"
  • Antoinette Hines

    Antoinette Hines

    Premier Support Consultant

    "Balance is working at Mosaic, work hard> have fun>make a difference!"
  • Avery Hisscock

    Avery Hisscock

    Change Management Consultant

    “I love working with clients to make implementations successful by understanding the needs of end users and anticipating and assisting with organizational change.” 
  • Brett Sadler

    Brett Sadler

    Project Manger

    “Our client’s success is the more important thing to me, so I always put them first.”
  • Britt Heeter

    Britt Heeter

    Technical Consultant

    “I love helping our clients with processes that make their day more efficient and productive.”
  • Brian Gee

    Brian Gee

    Senior Premier Support Consultant

    “My goal is that my client is able to focus on people instead of processes.”
  • Brittany Smusz

    Brittany Smusz

    Payroll Account Specialist

    "Mosaic helps clients find solutions to building better processes and a better future."
  • Carissa Scales

    Carissa Scales

    Process Improvement Manager

    "I enjoy helping improve processes and systems that will have a positive impact for our clients."
  • Ceci Spehar

    Ceci Spehar

    Marketing Communications Manager

    "The best part of my job is the people I work with. We are all one big team!"
  • Cheri Hardin

    Cheri Hardin

    Premier Support Consultant

    "UltiPro is a gift that keeps on giving, with continuous enhancements to better our customers' experience."
  • Cheri Wadlington

    Cheri Wadlington

    Senior Functional Consultant

    "We partner with your team by bringing best practices from years of experience to your organization."
  • Chris Moran

    Chris Moran

    Senior Functional Consultant

    "There’s really a lot of pleasure in making someone’s life less painful."
  • Connie Price

    Connie Price

    Strategic Consultant

    "I’m proud to work at Mosaic because we care about doing the right thing."
  • Dan Fox

    Dan Fox

    Technical Consultant

    “It’s always rewarding to know you're making someone else’s day a bit easier!”
  • Diana Mir

    Diana Mir

    Premier Support Consultant

    "Every day that I get to help clients leverage technology and improve processes is a fulfilling one!"
  • Erin Bounds

    Erin Bounds

    Functional Consultant

    "Mosaic allows me to use my UltiPro expertise to help our clients, while also giving me access to extremely knowledgeable peers that I can learn from, too!"
  • Gemma Black

    Gemma Black

    Functional Consultant

    "UltiPro's time modules affect your team's experience, Iets work together to optimize them for your company" 
  • Jack Hufnagle

    Jack Hufnagle

    Senior Technical Consultant

    "Divestiture, merger, acquisition? If you need to move a lot of people into or out of UltiPro, we can do it."
  • Jacquelyn Soto

    Jacquelyn Soto

    Payroll Account Coodinator

    "The culture of Mosaic is unparalleled.  People come first, whether client or colleague."
  • James Williams III

    James Williams III

    Functional Consultant

    "Assisting our clients is most rewarding when I turn a tense situation into a productive encounter, which ultimately represents Mosaic building fruitful relationships."
  • Janell Just

    Janell Just

    First Impression Specialist

    "I love supporting clients and our team and sharing my passion for service"
  • Jani Howell

    Jani Howell

    Project Manager

    “There’s nothing more rewarding than a smooth go live after months of hard work."

  • Janice Ziegler

    Janice Ziegler

    Payroll Account Specialist

    "We know payroll is not just a number on a check stub or a bank statement, it's so much more."
  • Jared Leffler

    Jared Leffler

    User Experience Architect

    "If UltiPro isn’t giving you the results you want, let us help you optimize it and take it from good to GREAT!"
  • Jason Horner

    Jason Horner

    Senior Technical Consultant

    “I believe anything worth doing is worth doing right!”
  • Jay Upthegrove

    Jay Upthegrove

    Client Engagement Manager

    "Mosaic truly focuses on doing right by our clients, and I’ve enjoyed helping others find UltiPro solutions."
  • Jessie Velazquez

    Jessie Velazquez

    Functional Consultant

    “Delivering the best customer service to our clients is what we take pride in. Relationships matter!
  • Jonathan Rhodes

    Jonathan Rhodes

    BI Specialist

    "Let us do the heavy lifting for you so your employees can focus on the issues that matter the most."
  • Julie Corts

    Julie Corts

    Payroll Account Specialist

    "I work with people who care about each other, work as a team, and truly believe in doing the right thing."
  • Kimberly Adams

    Kimberly Adams

    Senior Project Manager

    "Implementations can be challenging, but it is important to always be the light that encourages others."
  • Kristi Pickelsimer

    Kristi Pickelsimer

    Senior Payroll Account Specialist

    Mosaic is truly a family-oriented company. I felt like a member of the “family” from day one. They care not only about their employees, but their clients, as well.
  • Kristin Stoutt

    Kristin Stoutt

    Project Manager

    "I enjoy helping clients navigate implementation milestones and achieve their goals!"
  • Laura Ladd

    Laura Ladd

    Communications Ninja

    "My favorite part of my job is my role in helping to engage people, and telling our story to our clients."
  • Laura Miller

    Laura Miller

    Strategic Consultant

    "Mosaic supports companies with a comprehensive approach to navigate change."
  • Lisa Joynt

    Lisa Joynt

    Premier Support Consultant

    "I truly enjoy supporting my clients, and I take great pride helping them resolve a difficult issue or helping them save time."
  • Lyle Spann

    Lyle Spann

    Client Engagement Manager

    “At Mosaic, we inspire confidence and make a difference in the lives of our clients and team”
  • Machelle Summers

    Machelle Summers

    Payroll Account Specialist

    "I love the team culture at Mosaic Consulting! You are never alone on an island, the team will always have your back!"
  • Martha Sparks

    Martha Sparks

    Senior Project Manager

    "Mosaic really goes above and beyond taking care of their people."
  • Marticia Childs

    Marticia Childs

    Premier Support Consultant

    "Automating  tasks using UltiPro solutions and helping HR teams become more strategic gives me joy!"
  • Mia Carter

    Mia Carter

    Human Resource Generalist

    "Client satisfaction is everything at Mosaic. Providing solutions to problems is a great feeling."
  • Mihaela Mircea-Zick

    Mihaela Mircea-Zick

    Functional Consultant

    "My goal is to make our clients feel satisfied with their UltiPro system."
  • Nick Hynes, CPA

    Nick Hynes, CPA

    Staff Accountant

    "As a team member or client, you experience the benefits of the motto: 'one is not as great as all!'"
  • Nyke Huddleston

    Nyke Huddleston

    Premier Support Consultant

    "Trust is the foundation to a strong, collaborative relationship. My goal is to build trust with my clients."
  • Paula Scott

    Paula Scott

    Resourcing Manager

    "Being UltiPro only means we are the experts, we can make our clients' lives easier"
  • Peggy Brown

    Peggy Brown

    Functional Consultant

    "I enjoy working with my clients to help them get the most out of their Ultipro system."
  • Peyton Wray

    Peyton Wray

    Operations Associate

    "At Mosaic, I have the opportunity to work with different departments and help our team succeed!"
  • Randy MacLeod

    Randy MacLeod

    Senior BI Consultant

    "Using Business Intelligence to deliver decision-making information to the user’s fingertips motivates me!"
  • Ryan Zupancic

    Ryan Zupancic

    Senior Functional Consultant

    "Mosaic delivers confidence to your organization at every level."
  • Sarah Bolen

    Sarah Bolen

    HR Service Center Representative

    "Most people are not concerned about payroll until mistakes happen. We help eliminate payroll concerns."
  • Steve Manley

    Steve Manley

    Client Engagement Manager

    "Mosaic's culture allows our teams to consistently meet and exceed our Clients' expectations."
  • Toks Afolabi

    Toks Afolabi

    Functional Consultant

    "Our people have big hearts, deep passion and the will to succeed for our clients."
  • Towanna Nevills

    Towanna Nevills

    Solutions Architect

    "Two heads are better than one -- let me assist you. As a team, we will get it done!"
  • Tricia Castle

    Tricia Castle

    Sr. Payroll Account Specialist

    "Our team inspires confidence and makes a difference for clients and their employees."

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