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Scaling For Growth With UKG: Case Study


Rapidly growing companies need HR technology that will grow along with them: keeping organizational data secure, accessible, consistent across all platforms – and properly configured to support both the current business and future-state business needs. Sometimes, companies will invest in UKG Pro and use only a fraction of its capabilities, continuing with manual processes or procedures from a time when the company is smaller. UKG Pro, when configured and used to its full capabilities, is a powerful tool for creating more efficient processes, freeing end users from tactical, manual work, and leveraging information to make businesses work smarter.

Our partner: A health care company with a staff of 8,500 and 72 facilities across the country which had invested in the UKG Pro system 10 years ago as the company’s primary HRIS platform. UKG Pro was being used primarily as a payroll system and its end users did not fully understand the system or its capabilities. The company approached Mosaic for help while planning a major acquisition. Specific asks: to help optimize their system; increase system knowledge among their team; automate, standardize, and consolidate workflow processes; and create a scalable configuration to support planned company acquisitions and growth.

Our support/solutions: Mosaic performed a comprehensive system review and identified some areas where UKG Pro could help streamline existing processes, reduce complexity, serve as the company’s “true north” for employee data, instead of simply a payroll tool, and position the company well for future growth. This Client signed on for Mosaic's Premier Support offering and the Mosaic UKG experts prioritized the findings and created a road map to guide the company in implementing the necessary changes, and helped walk the company through the reconfiguration of its system and change management.

Result: Mosaic helped to reduce manual, complex processes, streamline and simplify the payroll process. As displayed on the chart below, the Mosaic team reduced pay groups from over 80 to less than 10; and payrolls processed from over 200 to 35. The team also automated processes and freed managers to be more strategic and less tactical. Our team also developed a custom integration to help different systems share data to increase efficiency and ensure accuracy across platforms. The company continues to work with Mosaic to fully implement and optimize its system.

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