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Security Analysis and Monitoring

Trust & Protection For Your Team

As your Ultimate Software partner, our number-one priority is to help you streamline your HCM processes. We specialize in finding ways to help you solve related challenges that save money and run your business more efficiently.


Through the power of information. We can give you a deeper look into your company’s operations through system monitoring and data analysis that provide measurable value in time and dollars saved.

System monitoring focuses on key data elements that can help identify oversight gaps, detect fraud, improve security, and enhance process efficiencies within your Ultimate Software solution. Put your Ultimate Software investment to work for you and get more out of it to benefit your bottom line!

How can you reduce the number of costly payroll errors? Prevent fraud and misuse of employee system access? Mosaic can monitor key indexes on a daily basis that can help you reduce mistakes that can cost your company thousands. Based on real-time findings, we can identify issues and suggest solutions within UltiPro set-up and processes to close gaps and help you mitigate risks before losses are incurred.

We can provide monitoring for the following:

  • Security and Fraud Prevention
  • Improving System Use and Efficiency
  • Preventing Costly Errors

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