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UKG Communication Tools

Leveraging UKG Pro During Fast-Paced Change

COVID-19 is changing the way we do business and interact with the world around us. Today, more than ever, quick communication with your team is crucial. UKG Pro provides multiple tools and assets that can help you keep your employees informed. If your company already uses UKG Pro, these tools are already available to you. Mosaic Consulting Group will use this page to post updates, tips and guides that you may find useful during these times of fast-paced change. We will post on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages every time we add a post to this page, please make sure to follow us to stay informed on how you can leverage UKG Pro in ways you may not have though to keep your team safe and informed. Click on the topics below to learn more about each one.

System of Record

UltiPro is the system of record for employee and payroll data and houses the most up to date information for leaders to stay in contact with employees (Name, address, phone, email, emergency contact information, etc.). UltiPro has many tools and features inherent in the platform that make it an ideal tool to communicate with and disseminate information to your employees. Use the UltiPro system functionality to help keep your team safe and informed in the current, quickly-changing environment.

Employee Emergency Contact Report

Keeping up to date emergency Contact information is imperative during these times. Click here for the xml text of a report the provides a list of employees that do not have an emergency contact identified in UltiPro. We recommend reaching out to each of these employees and asking them to make sure their information is up to date in the system. Click here for a sample message with instructions for your employees to add their emergency contacts within UltiPro.

A Customized UltiPro Homepage - Keep Everyone Informed

The UltiPro home page is a great way to keep your team on the same page. Customizing it to fit your team's needs will ensure they find valuable information and continue to come back and stay up to date. Here is a guide by Ultimate Software that walks you through steps on customizing your homepage to fit your team's needs. You can also view this video on Content Management by Ultimate Software that shows how you can leverage this tool to publish a wide variety of communications to your entire company.

Keeping Candidates and New Hires Informed

It is important to consider how these rapid changes are impacting everyone in your organization including new hires and candidates for open positions. Below are some tips on how you can use existing tools within UltiPro to keep them informed:

Onboarding (New): Use the Helpful Information Section to add documents, video, or link to help address your new hires. Notices could include: location closures or other information for new employees that do not yet have ESSP but would need to know. Documents can also be added to the onboarding process to have employees acknowledge or sign forms that are relative, including things like legal disclosures, service industry specifics, etc.)

Onboarding (Classic): If you are using onboarding you can also add notifications to disperse to the employees or add attachments to the Welcome letters.

Recruiting (New):  For candidates, e-mail templates can be added to the database to allow recruiters to send emails to candidates to include specifics about the topic, or, if needed existing templates can be edited to fit your needs.

Both New Onboarding and Recruiting have Consent Messaging built in to support the GDPR initiative. However, many customers do not have GDPR requirements and re-purpose this messaging to provide viable information to candidates or employees. These messages can be edited and may be a good place to inform employees of any relevant information.

Tips for Remote Work

For a lot of us, we know this is the first time you and your team are working remotely. Below are some tips on how to ensure you and your team stay on the same page. You may also find our post on "Culture By Design: Keeping Culture Alive With a Remote Workforce" valuable, click here to visit that page.

Ensure employees know their priorities: Communicate with your employees and be sure they are aware for what their priorities are in terms of projects and the work they are expected to deliver. Tools like Basecamp and Kanban Boards can be really helpful to keep employees on task. 

Set clear expectations: Be as clear as you can with your team when it comes to things like: 

  • Hours
  • Time off
  • Availability
  • After hours support (if needed)
  • Back up
  • Expenses

Provide your employees with supplies and equipment needed to work: Employees may need additional screens, a keyboard, a mouse, different tools that may not have been provided initially to do their job successfully. Allow budget for expenditures, with approvals and clear guidelines, to make sure your team has what they need to succeed.

Make sure employees know how and who to ask for help from:  Asking questions in the office is much easier than asking through online tools. Although tools like slack, zoom, and good old-fashioned e-mail are great tools to stay in contact, sometimes employees don't even know WHO to contact with their questions. Take some time to review points of escalation and department descriptions with your team, so that they know who to take their questions to. 

Communication Communication Communication: Working from home does force managers to be more deliberate when it comes to communication. Meet with your employees frequently. Let them know you want to know what they are working on and allow them to talk to you about what they are working on. Use different tools like slack, zoom, skype to keep in touch. Encourage them (and yourself) to keep your calendar up to date and use them to ensure that you are keeping track of each other's schedule and availability.

Timing: Although being available to answer questions and empowered to ask them is important, it is also important to consider a few key points before asking them:

  • Is the other person I am trying to reach in a meeting? (If accessible, check their calendar)
  • How was the question or response interpreted?
  • How the questions are asked, are you communicating your question?
  • Did the person you are asking understand your question?
  • Are the answers on point?

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) is going into effect on April 1st and requires updates to your UltiPro system to comply. This Act expands FMLA to cover employees with children impacted by a school closure, provides up to 80 hours of sick time for each employee, and creates tax credits to help employers recoup the costs of these changes. This applies to all companies with up to 500 employees, and allows some exceptions for small businesses and healthcare institutions. Click here to read more about this Act.

Next, you will need to notify your employees of this new regulation. Click here for a poster that you can provide to your employees, and visit the DOL's site for additional resources

Onboarding: COVID-19 changes to Form I-9 and E-Verify (Per UKG)

Per UKG (formerly Ultimate Software) NewsWire Received March 27th: 

"On March 20, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced changes to Form I-9 and E-Verify requirements due to social distancing provisions being implemented by employers and employees as a response to COVID-19.

If your workforce is operating remotely, you will not be required to review employees’ identity and employment authorization documents in the employees’ physical presence. Here’s how to handle the changes in UltiPro® Onboarding:

Form I-9:

  1. In the Orientation step, under Section 2 – Employer Review and Verification, select the link titled “Click here to enter any additional information required for Form I-9” and insert “COVID-19.”
  2. Once normal operations resume, all new hires onboarded remotely will need to provide Form I-9 verification to you within three business days.
  3. Once the documents have been physically inspected, you will need to create a Corrected Form I-9, available from the Process tab under I-9 or E-Verify Correct Data. There, you’ll need to add “documents physically examined” with the date of inspection in the Section 2 additional information field or to Section 3, if applicable.

If an E-Verify case is delayed due to COVID-19 precautions, select “Other” from the drop-down list and enter COVID-19 as the specific reason.

For more detailed information, visit the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Newsroom."

Reminder: Set up direct deposit for your people (Per UKG)

Per UKG (formerly Ultimate Software) NewsWire recieved March 27th:

"As you’re busy developing and implementing your business continuity plans in response to current international health concerns, you’re keeping your people’s best interests top of mind. And you can count on us to do the same. We know how important it is for payroll to get processed and paid timely, even in the event your workforce should have to operate remotely—which is why we’re sending this reminder that you recommend your employees set up direct deposit immediately.

The process is easy. Simply instruct your employees to log into the UltiPro® portal and head to Menu > Myself > Pay > Direct Deposit and enter their banking details. They can also elect direct deposit from the UltiPro Mobile App by selecting Pay and scrolling down to the Direct deposit accounts section. Please remind direct deposit enrollees that it is vital they enter their routing and account numbers accurately so that funds will be correctly posted to each employee’s account.

Note: For employees without bank accounts, you may also want to consider working with your third-party paycard provider to make that option available to them during this time.

As always, we’re here to assist you and will continue processing your requests for printed checks as expected. If you have any questions, please open a case in the Customer Success Portal.

*If you're not logged into the Customer Success Portal, you'll be asked to enter your credentials when accessing the above link(s)."

Steps to take for CARES Act Social Security Deferment (Per UKG)

Per UKG (formerly Ultimate Software) NewsWire received April 1st:

"The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act allows employers to defer their portion of social security payments for the remainder of 2020 check dates with the obligation to pay back the deferred amount at a 50% repayment over the next two years.

Your action may be required! If you’re interested in deferring your employer social security payment, we need you to opt-in immediately by following the below steps:

  1. Read the “COVID-19 - Extension/Deferral and ER SS Requests” article available by search in the Customer Success Portal.
  2. Open a separate tab and create a case.
  3. In the “What are you working with today?” field, choose Tax.
  4. Under the “Is this related to one of the following?” field, select ER SS Deferral Request – CARES Act.
  5. In the “Description” field, enter the information outlined in the above article.

Note: Deferral requests will be honored for pay dates after April 6. If you’re unsure if you should defer payments, please refer to the legislation and work with your organization and counsel to determine what is best for you.

We’ll be in touch via the created case on next steps and to confirm your deferment is in place. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your Named Tax Representative.

We know many of you still have questions about the CARES Act, as well as other federal, state, and provincial legislation. We continue to assess how UltiPro® can best support these changes and will keep you up to speed via Newswire as details develop. "

View FFCRA tax credits on Collection Details report (Per UKG)

Per UKG (formerly Ultimate Software) NewsWire received April 16,2020: 

"With COVID-19 legislation giving you more to keep up with, we know you need a quick way to view your payroll tax filing credits. That’s why all credits processed by the UltiPro® Payment Services Tax Filing team for Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) tax codes (ESLC “Emergency Sick Leave Credit” and EFMLC “Emergency Fam/Med Leave Credit”) will now appear in the:

  • Collection Details report (under Menu > Administration > Reporting > Standard Reports > Available > select Tax Filing Category > Collection Details)
  • Collection Details data on your Payment Services Gateway (under Menu > Administration > Payroll Processing > Payment Services)

Moving forward, any tax credits added to UltiPro and processed by Payment Services will appear on your report and in your gateway data. Please look out for future Newswires with more details.

Have questions? Refer to the Tax Filing Services Reports and the Review Payroll Tax Filing Data in Payment Services Gateway job aids.

*If you're not logged into the Customer Success Portal, you'll be asked to enter your credentials when accessing the above link(s)."

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