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UKG WFC Punching Options

The ransomware incident that is affecting Kronos Private Cloud is affecting some client’s ability to access their time files. UKG is diligently working on finding a solution for this disruption, but have recommended that businesses affected by this outage “evaluate and implement alternative business continuity protocols” (click here to see UKG's most recent update). If your company is affected by this outage there are two main areas of focus for you right now.

How much do I pay my team on their next paycheck?

If your time file is due soon and you cannot access it; your best options in terms of paying your team without that export are:

1) Duplicate your most recent pay:

Work with your Payroll team (or provider) to duplicate your previous payroll. This is probably the simplest solution, but you will have to reconcile differences, such as overtime, on a later date.

2) Find an average or ‘standard’ pay frequency hours for each employee:

Your payroll system will have a standard ‘scheduled hours’ established for each employee type and frequency. One of the reasons this number exists is to help your payroll system calculate taxes. Your Payroll team can use this ‘standard’ number for each team member and run payroll based on that.

3) You ask your team to manually fill in timesheets:

Depending on how big your team is and when your time files are due, you may have time to ask your team to fill out manual time sheets for the previous payperiod. You could use a simple template, like this one. The goal of this is to capture raw punch data. If you want to use a file like this to run payroll, you will have to work closely with your Payroll team to convert this information to a usable file type.


Regardless of which option you choose, there will be employees who are underpaid or overpaid for this pay period. You will also need to work with your Payroll and/or HR team to look out for new hires, terminations, and any other status changes, such as leave of absence before they run payroll. Once your team has access to the UKG workforce central system again you will need to go back and true up any discrepancies (things like overtime, PTO, etc.)

What do I need to be doing right now to minimize the effects of this outage?

First and foremost, you need to make sure you are capturing your employee’s time, regardless of when your next pay period falls. The best thing to do is to have a redundant process in place to capturing your employee's punches. Redundancy will ensure your team has the information they need if you need to run payroll before UKG Workforce Central is up again, and it will also ensure that you have a backup to validate your information to when the system is up and running. Your first goal should be to capture raw punch data, this data can then be used and manipulated (in collaboration with your HR and Payroll teams) for payroll. A few options on how to capture that punch data are:

1) Web based punch collection device:

Mosaic has developed a web based punch collection device that will create a file that shows hours worked. If you are interested in learning more about this tool please fill out this form and someone from the Mosaic team will contact you. The goal of this file is to capture the information that UKG Workforce Central needs to then create a full time file for your Payroll system. If necessary, this file can also be used (with manual manipulation and help from your HR and Payrloll teams) to help your payroll team run your next pay cycle. 

2) Punch record template:

We recommend using a simple template, such as this one, to capture your employee's punches. As with the web based punch collection device, the purpose of using a template like this is to capture raw punch data that can later be uploaded back in to UKG Workforce Central once the system is up and running. If necessary, a file like this one can then be used (with some manipulation) to calculate payroll data for the next pay cycle. 

3) You ask your team to manually fill in timesheets:

You could ask your team members to individually and manually fill out their own timecards. A best practice would be to remind them to fill out their time every day to ensure accuracy. Using a simple template, like this one. The goal of this is to capture raw punch data. If you want to use a file like this to run payroll, you will have to work closely with your Payroll and/or HR teams to convert this information to a usable file format.


As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Please note: Mosaic cannot attest to the accuracy of the data gathered through the use of these temporary punch data gathering solutions (the web based solution or the example templates found on this page). We make no guarantees regarding the accuracy of the data. We make no assumptions or guarantees as to the security of this data and the methods of transmission, and ask that clients do not use any Personally Identifiable information in regards to employee ID.

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