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WFM Optimization

Working with Mosaic to optimize your UKG Work Force Management system can help your team by not only optimizing their processes but also by increasing visibility and managing labor cost. The Mosaic WFM team will partner with your team to ensure your system is set up to easily put the correct employees in the right right place at the right time. You will be able to deliver a consistent and exceptional client experience across all your locations by making sure that your staffing decisions are appropriate for what each location needs. A well-staffed team will not only improve the client experience, but your employees will also feel supported and equipped to do the best job possible. It’s a rare win-win!

When you work with the Mosaic WFM team to optimize your UKG Dimensions or Ready technology we will dig deep and make sure we set your team up for success. Our team will review your current use of the system and offer best practices and suggestions to improve your use of:

  • Forecasting
  • Optimized Scheduling and Advanced Scheduling
    • This includes updating schedule rules for compliance purposes
  • Workload Planner

Reviewing your current use of the system will allow our team to develop a desired future state for your team and set the system up to fit that state. We will also partner closely with your team to ensure they are empowered to use the new optimized system to its full capabilities.

For a glimpse of what an optimized system with advanced scheduling can help you and your team accomplish, click here to read our recent blog: Understanding and Managing the Labor Shortage using UKG Dimensions.

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